But first, a tiny little introduction

"Old Lady Purple and Blue"

A recent disquieting visitor

Very well then, I see you’ve decided to settle in and make yourself at home, and I am ever so glad to hear it. Since we’re getting cosy now, I thought I might take the liberty of sharing with you a few of my most recent creations, and telling you a little bit about myself. 
Not too much, you understand,  for it is very important that if I hope to remain scary, I must continue to remain mysterious. So I will tell you just enough to whet your appetite, just enough to dip your beak, just enough to pique your interest , but then no more.
The truth of who and what I am is apparent in every stroke of my brush, every line of my pen, every light spec glimmer in every single bulbous eyeball. Although I remain mysterious to retain my fearfull factor, my motives and methods are completely transparent.
I live to capture and transmit unpleasent, unwieldy, and sometimes unwelcome emotion. It’s as simple as that. It’s as basic as a box of woolworth watercolors, and as clear as the cool midnight sky. It’s as oblique as a long forgotten last glimpse, and clear as the nose on her face! 

~ by tjeffcarey on February 2, 2012.

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