Greetings, inquistive soul…

I’m so very glad that you’ve stumbled into my lair. I urge you to keep an open mind, and a firm grip on “reality”, as we explore some of the stranger and more disturbing visions ever created by man, and subsequently committed to paper. Or canvas. Sometimes cardboard.

Indeed, the discreet card visable below was an advertisement for a gigantic and vainglorious art show which I produced and promoted at some undisclosed time in the not too distant, yet hazy past. The affair featured many of the images you will find painstakingly catalogued, and unflinchingly  displayed within this immodest,  accessable, yet provocative venue.

I honestly can’t remember the year of the exhibit, but as soon as I figure it out, you’ll be the first to know. In any case, it was a massive, copious, all-inclusive, indeed exhaustive display, with over 300 pieces of art, most of which are currently ensconced in one of my two storage units as I write this.

I am very nervous  about my storage units, and often twist and turn at nights just thinking about them. Indeed I can’t even venture into the part of town where they are situated, without feeling queasy and ill at ease.

However, do not tremble with fear…yet…for I will do my best to make the full and vast scope of my macabre and unsettling outpourings available to you, loyal reader, intrepid seeker.

Alright then, that will do for now. I needs must stretch my legs and refill my beverage. Feel free to do the same, but only after you take a good long moment, and closely peruse the aforementioned card.

And I promise I’ll figure out what year it was, for it wasn’t all that long ago.

I’m new at this, too…So I’ll be gentle, if you will…

~ by tjeffcarey on February 2, 2012.

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