Embrace the Madman: Recent reading of “MANIAC LAKE”

Twenty-five years ago….

On a night very much like tonight, a one-act play called “MANIAC LAKE” (a.k.a. “Cabin Fever”) premiered at the Changing Scene inDenver. The audience laughed uproariously, and trembled in fear, as the grisly tale unfolded…

Two years later….

SON OF MANIAC LAKE” premiered, and the Rocky Mountain News hailed it as “The Funniest New Play in Years”. The Denver Post commended the young playwright, and said “Expect to hear more from him.”


Nearly half a lifetime later, after dozens of fruitless drafts, scores of horrific readings, and a multitude of bizarre and deranged personal misadventures…The playwright has finally completed “BRIDE OF MANIAC LAKE the stunning, and wholly satisfying third installment in the hilarious, and death-haunted trilogy.


The complete opus…

 MANIAC LAKE: A Comic Thriller,

Will be heard in it’s entirety for the very first time

In the city of it’s birth, on:

January 23, 2012,

At the Buntport Theatre,

717 Lipan,


At7:30 p.m.


Featuring Jamie Ann Romero, Jake Walker, Tom Borillo, Adrian Egolf, and others, to be slowly revealed….

There will be a suggested (but not required) donation of $5.00…

The play is not suitable for young children, old prudes, and the faint of heart…

By the author of LULLABY BAY: A play for Brave Children…


“Be Prepared. Be very prepared.”



~ by tjeffcarey on February 2, 2012.

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