Baby Bird

I have to admit, this is one of my drawings that I am most proud of, and several friends around the country seem t o concur, as I’ve seen it on screen savers in New Mexico, and large posters in Chicago. The image is a newborn bird, who has plumeted to the ground, and cracked open his little skull, and spilled his brains in the process…

Well, it’s just full of pathos, irony, and a whimsical depiction of a tremendously horrible event. It clearly expresses those feelings that I think we call feel from time to time–that look of complete shock and suprise when life deals us an unexpected blow.

I was attracted to the dea of having half the bird completely flat, as though it had firmly landed in the ground, and I love the way the picture depicts a violent action come to immediate reat at a crucial moment. I’m not sure if that’s a tongue, or a worm in the bird’s mouth, I just know that I couldn’t have left a space that large completely black.

It’s that moment when life and death collide in stillness.



~ by tjeffcarey on February 5, 2012.

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