Slides of My Trip to Hell

  • Originally conceived as a room in Hades Haunted House, I developed the material further, and wrote a play called Slides of My Trip to Hell, based on Dante’s Inferno. The premise of the one-man show was that Dante was in his basement, showing the slides from his journey through the underworld. I painted over a hundred paintings, that I later turned into slides, based on images from the book.

  • Dagon is a friend of mine from the Haunted House days, and also, I might add, a self proclaimed Vampire. He published a few of the pictures and some of the text from the show,  on his fairly goth, bloodsucking, and generally horrific site.

  • By the way, here’s my favorite passage from Dante, and one of my favorite passages from dang near anything:

  •  I am the way into the city of woe.

    I am the way to a forsaken people.

    I am the way to eternal sorrow.

    Sacred justice moved my architect,

    I was raised here by devine omnipotence,

    Primordial love and ultimate intellect.

    Only those elements which time cannot wear

    were made before me,

    and beyond time I stand.

    Abandon All Hope, Ye That Enter Here!



~ by tjeffcarey on February 6, 2012.

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