A is for AHHH!

Front Cover


First page


A is for AHHH! What you say when you're scared.


B is for Boo! Watch out. Be prepared.C is for Creature. He's coming to get you!


D is for Demon. He will not forget you!

E is for Eerie. Like when your flesh crawls!

F is for Fear. It seeps from the walls!

G is for Goblin, Ghoul, and Ghost!


H is for Horror. What scares you the most?I is for Icky. Something covered in slime!


J is for Jack. He grins all the time!

K is for Kettle, All the best witches have one.

L is for  Laboratory. Where the darkest deeds are done.

M is for Monster, who only wants to be your friend.

N is for Nightmares, that return again and again.

O for Ogre. He’s huge, mean, and hates you.

P is for Pirate. He will terminate you.

Q is for Quiet.Like the graveyard at night.

R is for Rat,with eyes red and bright.

S is for scarecrow. Dancing on the ridge.

T is for Troll. Crouching beneath the bridge!U is for unusual. something diferent, weird, or strange!

V is for Vampire. Just about to change!W is for Werewolf. A man, and a beast too!


X is for X-ray. It shows what's inside you!


Y is for You. Who must be brave, and still have fun!

Z is for Zombie. If he doesn't eat you, you will become one!


~ by tjeffcarey on February 9, 2012.

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