Disaster — All hell breaks loose

I was ten years old when Mom took us to see this movie, which was really the first of its kind. I thought “The Morning After” was one of the deepest, most poignant songs I had ever heard, and was completely hooked from the opening moments.  I soon bought the book which I read and re-read night after night, marvelling at the adult world of chaos, carnage, copulation and corpses. If I had read this book for a while, I would generally have to read MAD magazine for a few minutes to settle myself down.

The thing that I so reacted to in this film and others like it was the complete sense of total destruction, chaos, upheaval and explosive hysteria. Not just that, but the stories of brave humans battling against all these horrible occourances, and somehow finding a way to survive, some how finding a way to make it to “The Morning After.” 

But being a child of a struggling marriage, and very keyed in to the chaos that lay just below he surface, movies like this were a great release to me: to see the true nature of reality, and how brave souls could survive just the same. I used to lie in the river at my Uncle’s ranch, at the mouth of a pouring drain pipe, and pretend that I was in the gushing torrents of a sinking ship.

I made a homemade movie called”The Flood”, where I build a town of toy houses in our sandbox, then sprayed them all to oblivion with a hose. Finally, bloodied, the survivors made it to the garage roof, where, just beyond the hose squirting in the foreground, the clean, dry neighborhood could be seen. Even growing up in a nice middle class home, the truth of life–disaster, chaos, bravery–was never far below the surface. This flick portrays all of that in spades.

Hang on! We’re going down….



~ by tjeffcarey on February 9, 2012.

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