Shoot ’em up — Slow motion violence and the bullet ballet


Can I tell you something personal?

I played cowboys and indians like any other kid. We had a large, grassy hill in the middle of our block and I often went out and (by myself) played The Alamo, The Civil War, Custer’s Last Stand, World War I, World War II, The Spanish American War, The Korean Conflict, the Vietnam War, etc. I would tumble up and down the hill, making all the appropriate noises, shooting and dying in the appropriate fashion for whatever conflict I was involved in.

On the landing of the stairs at our house, I would often stop and exchange massive gunfire with some imaginary foe who was above me. Then, hit three or four times, I would tumble down the stairs. I considerred my ability to make all kinds of gun noises (from derringer to M-16) using only my mouth, and my ability to pantomine sustaining massive bullet hits, and dying in orgasmic fits of prolonged slow motion, were my most laudible and enviable traits.

This next clip accurately portrays my “inner life” for a good deal of the time that I was growing up.


~ by tjeffcarey on February 9, 2012.

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