The Lonely Stone

Once I was part of the mountain,

a giant mountain of shining rock.

Then one day the humans came,

and carved out a large square block.


For a time I was part of that block.

But other humans came to grab,

sliced me with a spinning blade,

and then I was only a slab.


As a single slab I felt so small,

though polished and shaped it’s true.

I missed the rest of my mountain,

more often than not I felt blue.


On top of that, they chiseled and chipped

my front with what seemed like a sickle.

Now I’m as tough as the next rock,

but believe me it sure didn’t tickle.  


Then they planted me firmly

in the mossy, grassy ground,

and a group of crying humans

dressed in black, gathered around.


They cried and spoke and sang for me

as though I was their favorite stone,

Then they said their teary good-byes,

and left me all alone.


Oh, I’ve never been so sad

to be left by myself you see,

Out on a hill,  miles from my mountain

not a single other stone, just me.


Well, there I stood, all by myself

as the days flew quickly by

one human often brought flowers

and sometimes stayed to cry.


I saw no one else but a faraway raven,

only the clouds, the sky and the grass,

I was as lonesome as lonesome can be,

the years were slipping by so fast.


One night I finally wished on a star

shining so bright, so far above:

I am nothing but a simple stone,

please send me some stone to love.


And soon my wish was granted,

it happened one day, out of the blue,

the humans put a second stone beside me.

I was in bliss, let me tell you.


We had so much in common,

She came from the mountain as well.

She felt alone, confused, and small.

Her voice was soft, and she was swell.


We talked and talked, my friend and me,

watched the sun rise, the stars up above,

we stood side by side, and whispered nonsense,

by the end of the summer we had fallen in love.


We could not wait, soon we were married,

by the sleek and friendly raven

my life was a joy, I was so fulfilled.

I’d found the love that I’d been cravin’


Because we were never able to touch

we kissed in our hearts, which is the best kissing.

Year after year of bliss went by

but somehow, something was missing.


Our life together was very calm,

the summer temperate, the winters mild

we had our stories, games and songs,

But we really wanted to have a child.


So I wished to the faraway stars again,

one night when my love was fast asleep:

“Please bring us a stone we can call our own”

the night was silent, the bird made no peep.


The next day however, our wish was granted

the humans came, and cried, and put a little stone,

in the ground right next to us,

a darling slab to call our own.


Now we were totally fulfilled,

over the years our fortunes grew

many more stones clustered around us:

children, their wives, and grandchildren too.


Now as I sit on the top of the hill

I feel as proud as I can be,

I look out across the restless grass

and see my family surrounding me.


And here we are, and here we’ll stay.

Forever together Mother and Dad.

I don’t even wish on the stars anymore,

because I know I’ll never be sad.




~ by tjeffcarey on February 9, 2012.

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